A farmer-led cooperative

Kernza® is grown on nearly 4,000 acres across the USA and is being purchased by innovative brands and consumers to support farmers and advance regenerative agriculture.

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We represent over sixty farmers in the Midwest that are growing Kernza.

As a farmer-led cooperative we offer a number of benefits for our members. Between technical assistance, collective marketing and grower events, we are here to advocate for farmers that are stewarding their land for the generations to come.

Our leadership and growers deeply care about the relationship between agriculture and the environment—they have seen it first hand.

—Dan Coffman, Kernza Grower

why kernza?

Learn about Kernza

Kernza is harvested from intermediate wheatgrass, growers can expect three harvests from one planting. Learn more about Kernza through this series hosted by Marbleseed:

Kernza Trial Results—Chapter 1: History of Kernza Development

Kernza Trial Results—Chapter 2: Ecological Benefits of Kernza

Kernza Trial Results—Chapter 3: How to Use Kernza in Organic Production

Kernza Trial Results—Chapter 4: The Farmer’s Experience with Kernza Production

Kernza is a revolutionary new crop that holds promise to address some of the most pressing concerns we face in society; healthy food, clean water, and reducing the carbon concentrations in the atmosphere by sequestering carbon.

—Ben Penner, Kernza Farmer

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  • Collaborative crop marketing is a core element of farmer membership.
  • Equitable agreements are brokered between members and buyers.
  • Research institutions work with us to test and expand the production of Kernza.